Optimise Space Utilisation for Soft Play Areas in Restaurants and Cafes


Creating a fun and safe environment for children is the key to attracting families to your restaurant or cafe. One way to do this is by incorporating a soft play area, which can provide an enjoyable space for children to explore and ensure parents can relax without constantly worrying about their little ones. However, designing and establishing an efficient soft play area within your establishment can be challenging, especially if you are working with limited space. This blog post will discuss various ways to maximise space utilisation in your restaurant or cafe to create a fun, engaging and safe soft play area for children.

Assessing and Designing Your Layout

In order to optimise the available space, it is critical to carefully analyse the existing floor plan of your establishment. Begin by identifying the best location for the soft play area, bearing in mind visibility for parents and accessibility for children. Evaluate the dimensions of this area to determine the most efficient layout for play structures. Ideally, the layout should include a balance of open spaces for free play and structured elements to spark creativity and engagement.

Analyse potential obstacles, such as columns or architectural features, and consider how they can be integrated into the design rather than hinder it. Keep in mind that pathways, entry and exit points, and routes to other facilities in your establishment need to remain clear and navigable. The organisation of play structures should not only save space but also create a visually appealing environment that maintains a sense of cohesiveness within your restaurant or cafe.

Incorporating Multi-Functional Furniture and Equipment

Maximising space efficiency often requires innovative solutions. Opting for multi-functional furniture and equipment in your soft play area can help you achieve this. For instance, stackable seats can double up as play platforms. This way, when a group of children needs more seating, they can quickly and easily convert the play area into the necessary seating space.

Similarly, providing tables with built-in storage can help you store toys and games when not in use and clear up space for other play-related activities. In addition, consider integrating versatile play components like modular foam soft play structures that can be easily customised and rearranged. This will allow you to adapt your soft play area according to the changing needs of your business and clientele, ensuring it remains relevant and engaging.

Making Use of Vertical Space

One way to increase the play area without expanding the allocated space is to make the most of vertical spaces. Installing climbing structures, netted tunnels, and suspended platforms maximises the available area and adds an exciting element to the soft play experience. When designing these overhead features, consider safety regulations and height restrictions, ensuring that children can safely interact with various components without the risk of injury.

Furthermore, incorporating clear acrylic panels and glass barriers within these vertical spaces can provide parents with an unobstructed view of their children while they play. This not only improves overall flow between the soft play zone and adjacent seating areas but also instils a sense of security for parents who wish to keep an eye on their young ones.

Utilising a Theme and Colour Palette

To create an inviting and cohesive soft play area, consider incorporating a theme that reflects the overall vibe of your restaurant or cafe. This could be as simple as using the same colour palette for both the soft play area and the seating area or even incorporating outdoor-inspired features in a garden-themed cafe. A well-thought-out theme can help to create an exciting environment while also ensuring that the soft play area seamlessly integrates with the rest of your establishment.

A carefully chosen colour palette can also contribute to maximising the feel of available space. Lighter colours can create an illusion of openness while also providing an uplifting atmosphere for children. However, bold and contrasting colours can be used to define separate zones within the play area and create a visually engaging experience.


Incorporating a soft play area in your restaurant or cafe can significantly enhance your establishment’s appeal to families. By strategically assessing and designing your layout, incorporating multi-functional furniture and equipment, making use of vertical space, and utilising a theme and colour palette, you can successfully maximise space utilisation and create a soft play area that captivates your young guests while providing an enjoyable and relaxing experience for their parents.
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