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Mini Playgrounds

When parents are busy with work and other activities, it’s a problem to keep their children occupied and spend a pleasant time with them. Mini playgrounds are ideal for use in places where shopping is done, for cafes, restaurants, kindergartens, nurseries, are the most suitable places for the play needs of the children. The project is prepared after carrying out measurements based on the characteristics and size of the area. Thanks to these mini playgrounds, mothers, and fathers can have fun and do their work and at the same time children can also have fun and spend a pleasant time.

Mini playgrounds are produced in accordance with the enjoyment of 3 – 12-year-olds are produced within 1 – 3 weeks from the requested date. For children of this age group, it is prepared separately and specifically in size. Guaranteeing the product within a maximum of three weeks will also provide a lot of conveniences.

What Are The Features of Mini Playgrounds?

Mini playgrounds, which are prepared and adapted with the development of children under a certain age group in mind, bring a variety of advantages. Children are constantly active and on the move from a very young age. It becomes impossible to stop them, and even providing these activities to children who want to spend almost every hour of the day playing games becomes more challenging at some point. Physical activity and physically played games make children happier and allow them to spend their energy. It is imperative to dwell on this important energy consumption, as children can put their energy to good use with both safe and fun activities instead of playing dangerous games. Children’s mental and physical health depends on their play. Playing games, especially physical, is very important not only for the physical and spiritual development of children, but also for motor development. We can contribute to the physical games, especially so-called street games, the development of children are as follows;

  • They learn to think practically. By playing the games that the children like to play, children unconsciously learn many things. Especially street games or house games that almost all girls played as children are games with message content and where they prefer parents as role models.

Love is the representative family life that is taken as an example in the game. Children who play father and mother treat their dolls as they treat their children as a role.

  • Mercy
  • Sharing together
  • They learn basic human and moral rules of socialization and much more.

Today’s kids are unfortunately unlucky in terms of games. Because there are no suitable living spaces where they can express their energy by playing in limited and narrow living spaces, they are condemned to tablets and mobile phones held in their hands to comfort themselves at a young age.

Afacan Park Playgroups

We know that playing games is very important in children’s lives. We have been working on playgroups and play centers since 2007 in order to place the basic information that makes people human through the games they play at a young age. The entire team we work with consists of professional and experienced personnel. As Afacan Park; we continue our services by renewing ourselves every day to provide our customers with a better service. We are very pleased to have won the trust of our customers with our friendly team and technical staff to provide a better service in the sector related to our field for many years. We offer quality to our customers at affordable prices. Our service policy is based on customer satisfaction.

What Are Our Services?

We would like to briefly explain our services under four headings. These are as follows:

  • Turnkey playground consultancy begins the production phase according to world quality standards after the discovery of your space by our expert teams. The designed idea is initiated to the production stage by our experienced manufacturing team. After the manufacturing and production phase is completed, our assembly team professionally installs the playgrounds in your space.
  • Maintenance and repair, mini playgrounds that you order and mounted on your space after the production phase is finished strive to ensure your satisfaction with after-sales support and spare parts guarantee.
  • Second-hand products
  • General playground hygiene spraying and ball washing is the reason for being more sensitive about care and attention in all areas of the product. In particular, we have to be much more careful about cleanliness and hygiene due to the pandemic process we are in. That is why we provide your staff with the necessary training on safe use, maintenance and hygiene after the production and delivery phase of mini playgrounds.

We owe the quality services we provide in our field to our work in a disciplined and planned manner.

Our product groups, which are our disciplined and planned work products, are as follows;

  • Indoor playgrounds
  • Ninja trail
  • Trampolines
  • Mini playgrounds
  • Sandboxes
  • Mobile playgroups
  • Outdoor playgrounds

In addition, we provide the quality services we provide not only until you purchase them, but also after the sale of our products, if you request to take necessary actions, such as the supply of spare parts and accessories, cleaning of products, maintenance and repair. We can select the products based on your request during the purchase phase and then make corrections together to the missing or modified parts after production.

Our Prices

Our prices are not fixed for every product, because many factors influence prices in percentage terms. The capacity, size and proximity, and distance of the location where the playground will be located will also have an impact on prices. That’s why our prices are personal. We also show our work based on customer satisfaction by helping our customers with payments. We believe that helping to adjust their budgets in the best possible way by providing a variety of ease of payment. Apart from methods such as installment options and credit card payment options, we are very happy to please our customers in some periods through our special campaigns.

If you would like more information about the quality services we provide, you can visit us on our website, which we constantly update, and review the work we do in detail. You can also get the chance to check out the work we’ve done through the soft play E catalog.

You can contact us for the contact numbers for all kinds of questions and problems regarding the quality services we provide in the sector that relates to our field. It is possible to get more information about us on our website. You can easily find the contact numbers on our contact page and you can contact us with your questions, problems, and suggestions. We have been doing our best to ensure that our children can have fun in a healthy, safe, fun, and comfortable environment for a long time in playgrounds and we will continue to reach more and more children thanks to the services we provide in this area.