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Our Toddler Area: The Last Word of Mini-Sized Entertainment


When it comes to providing a safe and enjoyable space for toddlers, our “Yürümeye Başlayan Çocuk Alanı” (Toddler Play Area) takes the lead. This mini-sized wonderland is exclusively designed for children aged 4 and under, ensuring that parents can relax and watch their little ones embark on their adventures. Afacanpark Toddler Play Area offers a unique experience tailored to our youngest visitors. From shorter and softer climbing structures to safety mats for gentle landings, we’ve thought of everything. Join us as we explore the world of our toddler play area, where every detail is crafted to create a memorable experience.

The Perfect Playground for Tiny Tots

At Afacanpark, we understand the specific needs of toddlers who are just starting to walk and explore their surroundings. Our toddler play area is the culmination of this understanding. Here are the key features that make it the ideal space for your little one:

1. Safety First

When designing our toddler play area, safety was our top priority. We’ve created an environment where parents don’t have to worry about their children getting hurt. From soft landing mats to padded play structures, we’ve taken every measure to ensure a safe play area for toddlers.

2. Age-Appropriate Activities

Toddlers have their unique interests and abilities. That’s why we’ve tailored the activities in this area to be age-appropriate. From simple climbing structures to sensory play activities, toddlers will find plenty to engage with.

3. No Big Kids Allowed

To prevent any accidents or collisions, we’ve reserved this space exclusively for toddlers. So, while the older kids are off on their adventures, you won’t have to worry about your little one getting in their way.

Toddler-Friendly Play Equipment

Our toddler play area features a range of specially designed play equipment:

1. Mini Climbing Structures

Toddlers love to climb, and we’ve provided them with safe and fun opportunities to do just that. Our mini climbing structures are just the right size for little explorers.

2. Soft Slides

Slides are a favorite for kids of all ages. Our soft slides offer a gentle landing at the bottom, ensuring that your child can enjoy this activity without any risks.

3. Sensory Play

Toddlers are curious by nature, and sensory play activities are the perfect way to engage their senses. From colorful play panels to tactile experiences, our sensory play activities are sure to captivate your child.

4. Adventure with a Giant Palm Tree

Imagine your toddler climbing and “sliding” down a massive palm tree. This unique feature in our toddler play area provides an exciting adventure for the little ones.

Playtime for Parents, Too

While the toddler play area is off-limits to older children, parents are not only welcome but encouraged to play alongside their kids. It’s a great opportunity for quality bonding time with your child. Plus, you’ll have the perfect backdrop for snapping photos for your Facebook feed.


Our Yürümeye Başlayan Çocuk Alanı (Toddler Play Area) is the ultimate destination for parents and toddlers looking for a safe, engaging, and fun experience. With age-appropriate activities, safety as a top priority, and opportunities for parents to join in the fun, Afacanpark offers an unforgettable adventure for your little one.


Yes, the toddler play area is designed for children aged 4 and under, providing a safe and age-appropriate environment.

We’ve taken extensive safety precautions, including soft landing mats and padded structures, to ensure that toddlers can play safely.

No, the toddler play area is exclusively reserved for toddlers to prevent accidents and ensure a fun and safe experience.

Your toddler can engage in activities like climbing mini structures, sliding on soft slides, exploring sensory play panels, and even going on an adventure with a giant palm tree.

Absolutely! We encourage parents to join in the fun and create lasting memories with their little ones in our toddler play area.

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