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The maintenance of playgrounds is an extremely important issue. It should never be disturbed. Otherwise, the useful life of playground equipment is shortened and malfunctions occur regularly. It is also necessary not to disrupt maintenance and repairs in order to maximize the user experience and provide better service to users. As an Afacan park are we always with you in the maintenance and repair of softplay products. You can contact us to resolve any issues.

Regular maintenance of playgrounds is crucial both for long-lasting use, for health, and for a smooth-handling process. The maintenance of the products is carried out daily, weekly, monthly, or annually at certain periods. All maintenance is carried out by experts. With our after-sales support policy, we always assist you with all kinds of problems and care for products. The solution and maintenance of all kinds of problems are carried out by our company. All products, such as mini playgrounds, which are regularly maintained and where the malfunctions are quickly resolved, can be used with peace of mind for many years.

Afacan Park Maintenance and Repair Services

We develop different solutions for children to do different activities and have fun. At this point, the safety of children is an extremely important issue for us. Because one of our most important missions is to provide a safe play environment for children. At present, the playgroups offered for sale on our site are produced in accordance with European and global safety standards by taking all kinds of safety measures. However, security issues may arise as a result of using the products over time. Addressing these issues is crucial for children to play safely. It should not be disturbed under any circumstances.

Why Playgrounds Need Maintenance and Repair?

Playgrounds, like any product, require maintenance over time. Although several playgrounds such as sandboxes produced by our company are of high quality, their maintenance should not be disturbed. Thanks to its maintenance, it is aimed at maximum efficiency and no loss of functionality in the products. Situations that arise with the need for maintenance are generally as follows;

External factors are the most damaging things to playgrounds. Playgrounds should be protected as much as possible from adverse external factors such as sun and rain. Otherwise, some problems may arise both in terms of cosmetics and function. In these cases, some maintenance and repairs are required to solve the problem. Although the situations that arise are usually resolved, it is necessary to protect the products from such factors.

Failure to comply with the rules of use during use also presents many problems. Each softplay product has a specific capacity, usage rule. These rules must be strictly followed. Otherwise, problems occur especially in the technical components of the products. these problems cause products to fail and cause serious damage to their service life.

Playground Maintenance and Repair Services

As Afacan Park, we are with you not only during the product sales process but also after the sale of the product. As our company’s mission includes, we always want our customers to be satisfied with the products and to be the references of both our products and our service understanding. Therefore, you can get support from our company in the problems and periodic maintenance of the products we have sold.

As in all subjects, our company takes a high level of quality and service in the field of maintenance and repair. Our care team consists of experienced people who are professionals in the case and have been working in this sector for a long time. In this way, periodic maintenance and fault repairs of the products are carried out by professionals. Our expert team solves the problems as quickly and effectively as possible.

As we have already mentioned, in order to use game groups safely for a long time, you should not disrupt regular maintenance and, if necessary make repairs. Otherwise, ensuring long-term and safe use becomes quite a challenge. Our expert team, together with years of experience, carries out all the necessary maintenance in the compose way. It is also possible to get support from our company for your spare parts and accessories.

Afacan Park Softplay Playgrounds

As Afacan Park, we have been providing softplay services, especially children’s playgroups and playgrounds, since 2007. We know how important it is to play on children’s physiological and cognitive health and to do activities, and we act accordingly. We always create our work and service policy by prioritizing children’s entertainment worlds and safety. We do everything we can to serve you in the best way with our staff, all of whom are experts in their fields and have experience in the sector.

In addition to maintenance and repair services, we also sell softplay industry products. If you want to create playgrounds in your businesses that will appeal to children, you are at the right address. You can choose any product from a variety of playgroups in our portfolio and make your business suitable for children. In addition, our company helps you in the process of product selection and design of playgrounds. At this point, you can get support from our expert team about what kind of project you want and the playgroups you wish to be involved in. Our portfolio of game groups is extremely large and includes many alternative products such as trampolines. Therefore, it is possible to find products easily that fit the concept and style of your businesses.

You can also get more information about the children’s playgroups in our portfolio through the E-catalog on our site. Thanks to the E-catalog, you can better examine the visual characteristics of the products and view various projects and designs.