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Playgrounds are very popular areas that we encounter nowadays. One of the greatest needs of children is to move. Children who cannot move or exercise their energy can have various problems, both in their physical development and in their mental development. Therefore, it is very important for children to exercise regularly and practice various activities. In the past, the streets were extremely safe for children to have fun and move to play. Unfortunately, we cannot say this from now on. Situations such as insecurity are caused by increased urbanization and the fact that cities are becoming more densely populated; all this prevents children from playing comfortably on the street.

At this point, various alternatives are being developed for children. One of the most common of these alternatives is playgrounds. In playgrounds, children can engage in activities that support their physiological and mental development in a safe environment and lose their energy with their peers. For these reasons, many of the businesses that serve today create various playgrounds such as trampolines. In this way, businesses aim to appeal to children in a better way and provide better services.

At Afacan park, we provide playground services. If you want to create playgrounds in any style and content for your businesses, you are at the right address. As Afacan park, we have been one of the leading companies in the soft play industry for many years with our high-quality understanding and customer-oriented services. As Afacan Park, our primary goal is to fulfill the demands of our customers in full and to provide the best solutions. You can get many soft play services from our company and it is also possible to get playground consultancy services. With turnkey playground consulting, you can bring the most innovative and highest quality playgrounds to your businesses. Our professional and highly experienced team will evaluate the best options for you and come up with solutions that you will be satisfied with.

Turnkey Playground Consultancy Services

There are many services within the turnkey playground consultancy. Your playground creation process is carried out by professional teams, from planning to building. In this way, you get the maximum efficiency and you complete this process in the fastest and most ideal way. For this reason, many businesses receive playground consultancy services from our company. So, what is done in playground consultancy, what services are offered to customers?

First of all, it should be noted that for Afacan Park, the primary goal is to provide a “safe and healthy play environment” for children. Because we believe that one of the most effective ways to learn about life is gaming for children important. Games with physical and mental activity have a major impact on children’s psychomotor, physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development. That is why we make the playgrounds we design for children safe and take all necessary measures to prevent damage to their health.

As part of the playground advisory services, we will initially explore the area where the playground will be located. Then, at this stage, we apply 3D designs in full compliance with the field and the necessary standards. At this point, we are in constant communication with our customers. Because we care about the wishes of the customers and want them to know the process correctly. As a result of the 3D design and the design, we proceed to the production stage taking into account the feedback received from the customer. During the production of playgroups, production is carried out extremely meticulously. After the production is realized, our professional and experienced assembly team performs the installation of the playground. The established playground is fully ready for use after the necessary tests and applications are carried out.

After the end of the installation phase, the staff of the organization is trained on the products. The staff is trained in the safe use of the playground, the necessary maintenance and hygiene rules. At this point, it is extremely important that staff have sufficient knowledge about safe use and maintenance. The staff who take care of the playground must be familiar with the safety. In this way, it becomes possible to prevent any accidents and ensure that children have fun in a safer environment. Children’s play areas also require periodic maintenance.

The services that our company offers for you valuable customers continue after sales. We are with you for all the problems you may encounter with the products you buy. You can contact our company if you have any problems with the products. We also supply spare parts and accessories that you may need in the products you purchase.

In addition, our company works within the playground or other areas in the enterprise if requested.

What are the Benefits of Playground Consulting?

There are many benefits of using playground consulting services, where you can apply for products such as playgrounds. First of all, the planning, production, and implementation of the playgrounds you will install in your enterprises are made by expert teams. In this way, you can create playgrounds that are of much better quality and better appeal to your customers. If we look at the playing possibilities, we see that there are many products. Together with our professional and experienced team, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the options that are most suitable for the concept of your company. Our team that develops projects attaches importance to your opinion. A project approved on both sides is put forward and production begins. This way you can bring high-quality and sustainable playgrounds to your company.