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Mobility is one of the indispensables of children. A lot of kids don’t want to sit in place, they want to move all the time and do new things. Children need to get their energy out. Children who cannot expel their energy begin to become unhappy and their personal development is affected in a very negative way. In the 90s and even the early 2000s, children could exert their energy on the street. But that is not possible today. We are working to meet this need, to get children moving and to make children happier.

As Afacan Park we are constantly working on improving soft play playgrounds. While we have signed many projects in this field, we also provide many services and products. One of the products that our company sells stands out as a trampoline. Trampolines have been a favorite product of the soft play industry for many years.

What is Trampoline, What Does It Do?

When it comes to trampolines, you immediately think of children on a device that they like to jump on. But the function of trampolines is not just about fun. Children have fun on the trampoline and at the same time contribute to their muscle development. Trampoline, which strengthens the body, increases coordination; it is also known for having many positive effects on brain development.

How Do You Use Trampoline?

The use of trampolines is another topic that many people are curious about. Trampoline, is a device on which you can jump it consists of a layer of fabric in the metal frame, supported by strong springs and non-slip feet. It is worth knowing that it requires a lot of condition of the body. Because it is a tiring device; it appeals to the endless energies of children.

Afacan Park Trampoline

As Afacan Park we sell many softplay products. One of the products we offer to companies in our portfolio is trampoline varieties. Thanks to trampolines produced with a high level of quality, it is possible to obtain unique products that you can use for your business for a long time. Trampolines sold within our site; are very comfortable and functional in terms of use and have a high level of quality. The characteristics of trampolines are as follows;

All fittings in the trampoline have been disassembled. You can use it quite easily when you want to change location or place, or are going to make a concept change. Disassembly and installation work is very easy to carry out and ensures ergonomic use.

All trampolines have renewable properties. It is possible to replace all parts on the trampolines as desired. This way, you can create an aesthetic look the way you want and use any spare parts where needed.

All trampolines have a high safety structure. It is one of our top priorities that children have fun and spend their time safely. This way, families visiting your business can safely drop off their children at the playground.

Plan of the playground to be set up within the company; it is designed in a very suitable way in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Trampolines can be designed in any color and shape. This way, you can come up with the concept that best suits your space.

Trampoline models have a structure that can be cleaned quite easily. As you can understand, hygiene is an extremely important topic in an area where children can play. Trampolines offered within our company are cleaned extremely easily with soap and water.

As we always say, children are very valuable to our company. We certainly don’t want to harm their health with these products that we produce for children. For this reason, none of the products we sell contain toxic substances. All our products are produced in accordance with children’s health.

Trampolines have an extremely soft texture. Although they have a soft texture, there is no smoothness.

The area of use of the playgrounds sold within our site is very wide. Due to its different designs, it is possible to use it in any area. The main areas of application are; cafes, commercial business premises, nurseries or kindergartens, wedding halls, shopping malls, tea gardens, entertainment centers. It is also possible to implement alternative solutions and install trampolines according to the area for other companies.

Types Of Trampolines Suitable For Business

Many trampoline models come to mind when we talk about trampoline varieties. Sports trampolines, professional trampolines and recreational trampolines are the main products. The trampolines we sell as Afacan Park consist s of trampolines suitable for the entertainment sector. It is generally preferred by business owners to be aimed at children.

Trampoline parks or trampolines are manufactured in full compliance with international standards, with high quality in mind. Because first of all, our primary goal is to produce quality products and provide a quality service. Trampolines have a sustainable structure. Therefore, it is possible to use it for many years without anything happening to it.

Ensuring that children have fun safely is one of our priority goals, as we have already stated. Therefore, trampolines have a completely safe structure. Surfaces that may be in contact in case of any impact or fall consist of soft material. In this way, it is possible to take full precautions in situations such as bumps or falls.

Things To Consider When Using Trampolines

When using trampolines that you are going to buy for your company, it is useful to pay attention to some aspects. In this way, it becomes possible to use trampolines in a longer and healthier way. First of all, you need to protect the trampoline as much as possible from external factors. Products that see sun and rain are more likely to deteriorate. Over time, it will damage and begin to lose its function. Although the products in our portfolio are resistant to external factors, it is also useful to protect them from such factors. For example, it will be possible to use the products for longer periods than normal. In addition, it is a very important point when making periodic maintenance of the products without interruption. Some parts on the trampoline may need maintenance or replacement over time. You must have these parts checked regularly and repair any damage. Otherwise, you can ensure that the life of the product is shortened and the appearance is disturbed.

Our company continues to support you in this regard. It is possible to get spare parts and maintenance support for all products at any time especially trampolines purchased from our company. The problems and needs that arise are solved by our professional team as quickly as possible and in the best way.

Trampoline Prices

Trampoline prices are a concern for many entrepreneurs. It is not possible to talk about the existence of a clear price. Because trampolines; will be designed according to the needs of your business. Differences such as size, shape, or theme directly affect the price of the trampoline. Therefore, changes in prices occur. You can browse different trampoline models via the E-catalog on our website. You can also check out the different soft play products that are also included in the catalog.