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Interactive Toys Groups

Children need different activities for both physical and mental development. Moving playgroups appear as products produced exactly for this purpose. Moving playgroups consist of different products. You can choose from the playgroups you want to buy for your companies and realize the concept you dream of very easily. The products for the moving playgroups are as follows;

  • Palm tree

  • Hamster

  • Bus

  • Carousel

It is possible to view all products in the portfolio of moving game groups via the E-catalogue on our website. You can also view the products that belong to our other categories via the E – catalog.

Features of Mobile Playgroups

Mobile playgroups are products designed for entertainment, especially for children between the ages of 2 and 6. The playgroups that we sell at Afacan park are of high quality and craftsmanship and receive the appreciation of every customer. It consists of products that can be used for almost all businesses, especially kindergartens, amusement parks, entertainment centers and entertainment venues.

All products in the portfolio are manufactured in compliance with the necessary quality standards. The products fully comply with European and world standards. In addition, all playgroups, such as the carousel, which are included in the moving playgroups, have a completely reliable structure. Because it is very important to us that children have fun in a safe environment and that no undesirable situations happen to them.

One of the most frequently asked questions about the category mobile game groups are the questions about the size of the products. The products are manufactured according to the areas and must be used. In other words, products of different sizes are manufactured.

Prices of Mobile Playgroups

There is no clear price for prices for moving game groups. Because there are several products under the category. Therefore, prices vary. Which product is selected, the size of the products and the additional features that customers request; causes price change. However, it is also worth noting that all products, such as hamster toys, are available with extremely affordable price tags.

You can contact our company via communication channels to get detailed information about the price or to get an offer.

Reasons to Choose Mobile Playgroups

There are many reasons why you prefer mobile playgroups in your business. In the past, children could play on the street, exert their energy and have fun. But now this is unlikely to happen because of both urbanization and the inability of parents to trust the environment. As such, children need alternative places to have fun. One of the best options we come across right now is moving playgroups with products like the carousel. Thanks to these products, children have the opportunity to spend time with their peers, have fun and have the opportunity to do various activities. Parents also feel that their children are safe.

All softplay products that we have prepared as Afacan Park have a fully suitable structure for children. It is designed for children to have fun, both in terms of health and safety.

In addition, all products, especially mobile playgroups, have features that support the physiological and mental development of children.

Afacan Park E-Catalog

You can view our E-catalogue for more detailed information about softplay products offered for sale on our site. E-catalog also contains detailed photos of the products and some project examples. This way, you can more clearly determine which product or product group you need and have products that best suit your needs.