What is Soft Play?

What is Soft Play?

Soft play is a game that is preferred in public and large places such as shopping malls, hotels, airports.. Soft play playgrounds, which are produced to ensure that children of all ages have a fun time comfortably and safely, can be easily used not only indoors, but also at fairs and all kinds of outdoor events.

What Should Be Considered In Soft Play Selection?

Soft playgrounds areas are aimed at children. Therefore, al-with details on the subject become more important. Here are the considerations for choosing a soft play playground;

  • Quality of the products

  • High level of product safety

  • Does not contain elements that adversely affect human health

  • With a wide range of motion

Because children often hop and jump while playing, there are more situations such as falling and punching. After jumping, it is necessary to calculate whether they will lose their balance and fall, and provide the opportunity to drop them on a soft ground. There must be a safe environment in the area where the children play. They should be supervised by an expert guard while children play in soft playgrounds. This guard must have the capacity to explain the rules to children. It is also necessary to react to danger in case of danger, in order to avoid a possible danger. Although all kinds of security measures are taken, it is also the duty of the security guard to respond to emergencies that may occur in case of any mishaps or unexpected situations.

Soft Play Production

Today, unfortunately, the playgrounds and places where children can participate in physical activities are quite reduced. Due to the lack of playgrounds for our children, the search for a place to expend their physical energy has become a major problem for parents. On the one hand, the decline in children’s playgrounds and, on the other hand, the rapid spread of large shopping mall-like locations leads to the spontaneous emergence of the solution.

Soft Play production is starting to show itself on a large scale. Soft playgrounds are in demand at large public locations such as shopping malls. Playgrounds in large shopping malls are also a huge advantage for parents. They serve as a tool when they want to do their own work while their children play safely and healthily in soft play playgrounds.

Domestic Soft Play Manufacturer

Today, the number of softplay manufacturers in our country is not so many. Afacan Park is a very preferred softplay manufacturer in our country. Afacan Park guarantees its soft playgrounds that meet the needs of children in safe and healthy conditions without getting bored.

Soft play groups produced by Afacan Park include;

  • Climbing wall

  • Trampoline

  • Ball pits

  • Slides

  • Obstacle courses

  • Suspension bridges

  • Labyrinth corridors

  • Tunnels

  • Running areas

Soft play playgroups where all kinds of safety and health environments are provided are capable of responding to the daily physical activity needs of our children.

Soft Play Playground Services Provided By Manufacturers

  • Soft play playground manufacturers provide services in many subjects. We can materialize the main services they provide as follows;

  • Turnkey playground consultancy is one of the most important services of companies. As we all know, it is a means of challenging children and letting them play. Physical activity and games not only add a lot of emotional and social things to children, but also have an impact on their mental and language development.

  • Providing assembly and spare parts support for your product, which has been produced, is of great importance for customer satisfaction.

  • Installation and assembly, soft play manufacturer performs the installation and assembly phase behind the exploration production phases. There is also training for staff in the field of safety and hygiene.

  • The key is provided after providing all kinds of information and security about soft play. Of course, the service provided does not end with turnkey. Maintenance, repair and replacement of spare parts if necessary are among the services provided in accordance with the depletion of the quality service.

The issue of hygiene and cleaning soft play areas is a very important issue. Especially the pandemic process that we have experienced over the past 2 years has increased the importance of this event even more. The maintenance of playgrounds is of course not only necessary from a health point of view. It is also very important to ensure a longer lifespan and smooth use of playgrounds. Maintenance is routinely carried out daily, weekly, monthly and annually by the staff who have received the necessary training on the subject.

Companies that constantly feel their support, both before and after the sale, work with teams that are experts in their business.

You can visit the websites to take a close look at the products of softplay manufacturers and the quality services they provide, and for your questions and problems you can reach them via the telephone numbers.

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