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As you can understand, children need to move a lot to get their energy out of it. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find places where children can move freely today. Therefore, there are many places such as a playground designed for children. In addition, many companies today create mini-playgrounds within the enterprise to improve their service quality and look more attractive to their customers. There are different products in the playgrounds in question. One of the most common in these areas is the sandbox. Sandboxes allow children to play safely and exert their energy.According to the results of various researches, playing in sandboxes has many benefits for children. Activities such as writing in sandboxes, playing with sand, feeling the sand in the palm of your hand, and making various patterns on the sand floor have extremely positive effects on the mental and physical health of children. In addition, sandboxes do not have any negative effect on the health of children, as they have natural content.

Afacan Park Sandbox

As Afacanpark we offer the best types of sandboxes for your business. All products in our portfolio, especially sandbox, are produced with a high level of quality and a solution-oriented service approach. You can place them in your business with peace of mind by purchasing the sandboxes offered for sale on our site.

Advantages of Sandbox and Sand Game

When it comes to the benefits of sand play, it is possible to talk about many things. As we have said before, first of all, children have the chance to do physical activities in a safe environment thanks to sandboxes. It is also very useful in terms of improving the quality of service provided by your companies. Today, competition in almost every sector has increased dramatically. For this reason, it has become a necessity for many companies to stay ahead of their competitors and provide better service. You can increase your service quality and move forward by adding various softplay products like a sandbox to your business. The advantages of playing with the sandbox for children are as follows;

Helps The Physical Development Of Children.

Movements in sandboxes have a positive contribution to the physical development of children. Movements such as emptying sand from one bucket to another in sandboxes, where tools such as buckets are used, contribute to the development of children’s raw motor skills. It also ensures that muscle and bone development continues in a healthier way. Movements in the sandbox also increase hand-eye coordination. In addition, it allows children to perform more precise movements with ease.

Expands Children’s Imagination

Building sandcastles, building bridges in the sandbox, or creating various patterns on sand does not only contribute to the physical development of children. Sandboxescome across as having features that also enhance children’s imaginations. Children can move in the sandbox as they wish, so their creativity increases and their imagination expands.

Allows Children to Express Their Feelings

Better Playing on the sand allows children to move freely. Therefore, children have the chance to express their feelings better in these areas. Children who have difficulty expressing their thoughts do not experience such a problem in sandboxes. The patterns and shapes made by children reflect their inner world. In this way, parents can understand their children much better.

Increase Social Interaction, Enables Socialization

Especially lately, children may have some difficulty socializing. Therefore, it is extremely important for children to play in areas where they can socialize and do various activities. Playing in the sand is an activity that brings children together. Children can get together and enjoy playing together thanks to the sandboxes in places like playgrounds and kindergartens. In addition, children experience concepts such as acting with their peers and waiting their turn when the time comes. In this way, the development of children’s social awareness is ensured.

Increases Attention and Concentration

Keeping children disciplined, ensuring their attention and concentration is often considered a tiring and challenging task. Movements in the sand game shorten children’s focus times. Especially considering that children have spent a lot of time with electronic devices recently, alternatives such as sandboxes will be extremely useful.

Writing on the sand floor, creating shapes, and making patterns; support children’s cognitive development. Children who engage in creative activity in the sandbox have increased cognitive characteristics.

Sandbox Prices

Sandbox pricing is one of the most curious problems in this regard. If we look at the prices, there are no fixed prices. Prices will vary because sandboxes are made in desired sizes. Sandboxes sold within our company have reasonable price tags when quality and workmanship are taken into account.

Softplay Services For Your Businesses

As, we offer softplay services tailored to your business. We offer the best solutions taking into account the areas and concepts of your business. Also in the field of after-sales support we are always with you. With our experience and quality understanding that I have gained in the sector for many years, we make all necessary efforts to serve you in the best way.