Our Products

As Afacan park we sell many playgroups, especially children’s playgrounds. You can buy new game groups from our company or you can also buy second-hand game groups. Many companies make their preferences for many reasons, such as lowering costs and wanting to spend less for the intended project. It prefers portable playgroups. Because, as we’ve said before, buying second-hand game groups emerges as a much more advantageous purchase.

Are 2nd Hand Playgroups Reliable?

One of the most frequently asked questions about 2nd hand playgroups is whether they are reliable. Customs are skeptical and do not trust in 2nd hand products. Products that we have put up for sale are all to be trusted. All portable playgroups are reliable. Products do not have any security issues or dysfunctions that could interfere with usage.

As Afacan park, all products in our 2nd hand portfolio are offered for sale after the necessary checks and tests have been applied. Therefore, it is not possible to encounter problems. As Afacan park we strive to ensure that our customers are not dissatisfied under any circumstances because of our service policy and quality understanding. We are very ambitious about any playgroup or 2nd hand products you buy from our company.

Who Are We?

As Afacan Park, we are a company founded in 2007 and have continued to provide service to our customers ever since. We offer the best service in the field of playgrounds, which occupy an important place in the entertainment life of children, especially children’s playgrounds. Thanks to our customer-oriented service approach, experienced team and experience in the sector, we are accepted among the leading companies in the sector. As Afacan park, it is our goal to carry out all the necessary works to provide a better service.

As we have indicated before, one of the main goals of our company is to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our company has never given up on customer satisfaction since its inception. Since 2007 we like to provide services in the sector that are related to our field and the services we provide in the sector are aimed at children. Thanks to certain programs and disciplined work, we strive to improve ourselves and serve you the best. We produce higher quality playgroup equipment by having a system that closely follows and implements technological developments.

With our experience since 2007, all products we produce are manufactured in accordance with European and World standards. We offer many product types such as trampolines to our valued customers with superior quality understanding.

Afacan Park Softplay Services

As Afacan Park, we offer many services for our valued customers. It is possible to sort the services offered for your valuable customers within our company as follows;

  • Playground advices our basic principle is to ensure that our children, who are our future, play safely and healthier with the game groups we have produced. We know that the game contributes to the physical and spiritual development of children. We create 3D designs to the right standards by coming to your place to explore.

  • After our discoveries when an agreement has been reached on the suitability and design of locations, we move to the production phase. At this point, we work with the owner in an integrated way. The design is carried out after approval of the owner.

  • After the production phase, the assembly team, which consists of experienced and professional people comes into play.

  • Our assembly team prepares a training program to inform your staff about the safe use, maintenance and hygiene measures of the playgroup.

  • The services we provide do not only consist of sales and production phases. We also offer customer appreciation-based service in providing after-sales support and spare parts. In short, we are always with you from the moment you decide to buy softplay products to the entire usage process.

Advantages Of Buying a 2nd Hand Playground

Buying a second-hand playground offers many benefits for users, although it is a problem that many people hesitate and doubt. Buying second-hand products will save you considerable financial savings. second-hand parks stand out for much lower price tags compared to zero playgrounds. On the other hand, if we look at second-hand products, it is much faster to deliver them. When you want to buy new playgrounds, the products are manufactured according to the project and design. For this, you have to wait a while. However, it is not possible to encounter such a situation with second-hand products. Second-hand playgrounds are possible to get much faster and at affordable prices.