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Spare Parts & Accessories

As an Afacan Park we offer support for accessories and spare parts for all softplay products offered for sale within our company. Although the products in our portfolio are durable and high-quality products, they can suffer some damage for various reasons. In these cases, buying a new product will both make you lose time and will also give you a large financial obligation. Instead, buying problem parts and replacing spare parts would be a better solution. Products in our product portfolio, such as trampolines, can be damaged for the following reasons.

  • Misuse. Reasons such as overuse of the product and not using it under the right conditions can damage the products over time. In this case, the need for spare parts occurs.
  • Products that are exposed to sunlight for a long time. Sunlight has damaging effects. Over time, it will likely experience some problems in terms of aesthetics and function in products that have been under the sun for a long time.
  • In addition to spare parts; it is preferable in different accessories to add a more pleasant look to the products and give a different appearance.

Types Of Accessories And Spare Parts

If we look at softplay accessories and spare parts, we see that there are many types. Thanks to these parts, you can correct the errors in the products quite easily and quickly, making their aesthetic appearance stronger. Accessories and spare parts therefore offer great comfort for entrepreneurs and many advantages.

What Is The Use Of Accessories And Spare Parts?

Many of the users who do research in this area ask some questions about what exactly the usefulness of spare parts are. Softplay spare parts offer many advantages for companies with softplay services.

As we mentioned earlier, softplay products can get damaged over time for a variety of reasons. In this case, it is necessary to replace the damaged part to prevent the product from losing all functions. With spare parts, you can protect yourself from much higher costs by replacing broken, lost or damaged parts with new ones. To illustrate with an example, it would not be a logical approach to replace a trampoline from scratch because the arch of the trampoline is broken. But just replacing the broken arch would be a much better solution instead. This way, you can meet your needs at a much lower price. Spare parts also save time. Replacing the broken part with a new part is a much easier and faster application. Instead of waiting for the product to be redesigned and the problem resolved, you can replace the damaged product. This way you can solve the problem much faster.

Softplay accessories are also interesting for many companies. Accessories used on soft play products can give the products a better aesthetic look. In addition, giving the products a different look will be a very ideal solution when the concept change is desired.

Types Of Accessories And Spare Parts

Softplay parts ranges are quite widely available. There are spare parts for all parts that may experience problems and may need to be replaced over time.

26 mm A Quality Eva Tatami Cushion: The cushion stands out as a part that is actively used in many softplay products. Thanks to the cushions, both the environment is made more hygienic, accidents related to the ground are prevented. After all, children have an extremely mobile structure. Therefore, the floors are covered with cushions to minimize damage from fall situations. But the pillows wear out over time. That is why the need for change arises. The mats that we sell as an afacan park are of A quality and respond to your wishes in the best way.

Cushion Ball Pool: One of the must-have playgrounds for children is undoubtedly known as a ball pool. A ball pool is a very fun activity for many children. But over time, the balls tear, disappear or become unusable. For these situations, balls specially designed for ball pools are included in our portfolio.

Fittings: Especially the parts that form the skeleton and the foundation of the products are connected to each other by the fittings. Fittings are needed to maintain the product. Fittings are extremely important parts, especially in the field of safety.

Net: Nets are a must for softplay products. But the nets can not always maintain their firmness just like the first day and tear over time. At this point, the nets should be replaced by new ones.

Cable connection: It stands out as an extremely important component in the technical components of softplay products.

Insulation materials: Ensures that various softplay products fully function, have an ergonomic structure. Especially due to external factors, it should change from time to time.

Trampoline cushion: Ensuring safety in trampolines is an extremely important issue. Children who jump and get up from the floor should fall on the pillow at the time of a fall. Otherwise, very serious injuries can occur. Therefore, it is possible to say that the trampoline cushion is a very critical part.

Trampoline bed: It has almost the same function as the trampoline cushion. In the same way, it comes across as a part that needs to be given a lot of importance.

Trampoline Spring: It is one of the parts that gives trampolines the flexibility. It can wear out over time due to the overload. In these cases, the function must be replaced by new springs to ensure safety.