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İç Mekan Oyun Parkı

Afacan Park

“AFACANPARK olarak, müşteri memnuniyetini temel alıp tüm süreçlerde sürekli gelişim ve yenilik fırsatları yaratırız. Farklılığın, yenilikçi uygulamalarla ortaya çıktığının bilinci ile sunduğumuz hizmetlerin; çağdaş ve yaratıcı olması için çaba gösteririz. Tüm çalışmalarımızı güvenli ve yüksek standartlarda yapmak ve sektörle ilgili gelişmeleri yakından izlemek temel felsefemizi oluşturmaktadır.Verdiğimiz kaliteli, sağlıklı ve güvenli hizmetler ile alternatifsiz olan AFACANPARK’ ı Türkiye’ nin her İlinde kullanıcılarının hizmetine sunmayı hedefliyoruz.”

As AFACANPARK, which has been working on children’s playgrounds and game centers since 2007, we know that playgroups have great importance in terms of physical and mental health in children’s lives and we continue our work accordingly. AFACANPARK, which consists of all professional and experienced staff, has expanded its service network and provided a wider range of products and services to its customers.We have gained the trust of our customers with our experienced sales and technical personnel, we have developed our equity capital and gained a respectable place in the sector.We always strive to give you the best service as AFACANPARK with the best price and best quality product policy.We know very well that what we’re trying to do is hard work. With our strong infrastructure, we are proud to carry out an important project for many different companies at the same time in different regions. We continue our services believing that to be successful in the served sector it is necessary to work in a disciplined manner within the framework of certain programs.


With our Quality, healthy and safe services we aim to present AFACANPARK to users all around the world.


To provide high quality playground equipment to our customers with an innovative design approach and to be a world brand that offers it with an efficient service concept.

15+ Years of Experience

We produce safe and in accordance with European standards for children using quality materials.

Optimal Quality Price Ratio

We offer you the most affordable price without sacrificing quality in production.

Innovative Design

With our experience accumulated since 2007, we design the safest and most fun playgrounds for children.

Special Solutions

We serve you exclusion solutions from the beginning to the end.

"As AFACANPARK, we create continuous development and innovation opportunities in all processes based on customer satisfaction. With the realization that the difference arises between innovative applications, the services we offer; we strive to be contemporary and creative. It is our basic philosophy to carry out all our work safely and to high standards and to closely follow the developments related to the sector. We strive to offer AFACANPARK, which has no alternatives with the quality, healthy and safe services to the service of our users in every province of Turkey."

Team Members

Our peoples are fully qualified with all type of electrical services.


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