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Ninja Trail

Children’s success and happiness depend on their efficient use of their physical energy. Children need to be active because of their age. They want to play games all the time. It would be a mistake to expect adult behavior from children. It used to be possible to waste their energy in a quality way thanks to the street games that children played cheerfully on the street. Unfortunately, today’s children don’t have a chance. It is up to parents to meet the need of children who can not play on the street and to ensure that they spend their energy in a quality way.

Afacan Park playgrounds include playgroups that have been produced in accordance with international standards to help today’s children spend their energy.

Ninja Trail

Ninja course, which is one of the products of Afacan Park, is a playground that appeals to the age range of 3 – 12 years and is prepared according to the dimensions you give. Ninja course themes are as follows;

  • Forest theme
  • Space theme
  • Ocean theme
  • Winter theme

You can choose any of these themes according to your preference.

What Are The Uses Of Ninja Trail?

The ninja pad is suitable for use in different areas. It is made following the dimensions of the place you specify. The areas of use of ninja trail, which is preferred in many areas, are generally preferred by commercial enterprises, cafes, weddings, nurseries, kindergartens, entertainment centers, and shopping malls. Ninja course, which is suitable for your children to have fun while you do your shopping in shopping malls, is an area where children play and spend time with love.

What Are The Features Of Ninja Trail?

Ninja Trail, one of the favorite playgrounds in public places, has many features. This is due to the fact that it is a product preferred by companies. It provides good options for parents to safely entrust their children in public places and ensure they have quality time. The features include;

  • Possibility to prepare projects according to the give3 dimensions
  • The renewable function is very important. If desired, it is a great advantage that they consist wholly or partly of interchangeable equipment.
  • Playgrounds are very safe where parents can let their children play.
  • Er kunnen ook verschillende thema’s worden geproduceerd waar uw kinderen dol op zullen zijn. Bos-, ruimte- en onderzeeërconcepten kunnen dienovereenkomstig worden gemaakt. De keuze ligt volledig bij het bedrijf dat het wil laten maken.
  • Different themes can also be produced that your children will love. Forest, space and submarine concepts can be created accordingly. The choice lies entirely with the company that wants to have it made.
  • Suitable for children between 3 and 12 years.
  • As in all other product groups of the manufacturer, it is produced according to international standards and principles.

Who Are We?

We are a company founded in 2007. We create children’s playgroups and play centers that play an important role in children’s lives. We work in a team that is extremely reliable and has experience. Professionalism and quality are of paramount importance to us. Thanks to the extensive range of services offered by Afacan Park, we strive to provide the best service to our customers. Since 2007, we are happy to serve in the sector related to our field and that the service we provide in the sector is aimed at children. Our goal is always to offer the best quality to your service at affordable prices. We strive to move forward thanks to certain programs and discipline work. We produce higher quality playgroup equipment through a system that closely follows and implements technological developments.

Our products, which we have assured of our 15 years of experience using high-quality materials, are produced in accordance with European standards. Of course, it is not possible to compromise on quality, because the products we produce are aimed at children.

Services We Provide

We provide services in many issues related to our field in the sector. We can list the quality services we provide as follows;

  • Playground advice, our basic principle of the playgroups we have created, is to ensure that our children, who are our future, can play safely and healthily. We are aware of the contribution of the game to their physical and spiritual development in children. We create 3D designs in accordance with the standards by coming to your place and exploring wishes and possibilities.
  • After our discoveries, we move to the production phase after an agreement has been reached on the suitability and design of locations.
  • After the production phase, the assembly team comes into play.
  • Our assembly team draws up a training program to inform your staff about the safe use, maintenance and hygiene measures of the playgroup.
  • Of course, the services we provide do not only include the sales and production phase. We also provide customer satisfaction-based services in providing after-sales support and spare parts.

We would also like to talk about our safe product groups and product ranges. It is a pleasure for us to work in an industry that is based on making children happier. Our range, production and sales quality that we have achieved with our services, includes as follows;

Indoor playgrounds are the solution for children who are bored and be happy while their parents shop.

Other Soft Play Products

Trampolines are a solution for children around the age when they are quite mobile and energetic, because of their accumulated energy they start to misbehave, if they can not get rid of this energy they show annoying behavior. Trampolines are the way to prevent children from bothering their parents. Trampolines help them to waste their energy when needed, while spending a pleasant time.

Mini playgrounds can be created as special designs for large workplaces and commercial offices such as cafes, kindergartens, wedding halls.

Sandboxes, as a development activity for children, Afacan Park makes a difference by spending fun times with children in sandboxes, while on the other hand it will contribute to the development, such as expanding the imagination, contributing to physical and motor development and social interaction learning to socialize, be careful and create concentration.

Moving play groups are made in the form of objects that children like. As a result of the studies conducted by the companies, the most popular forms are carousel, buses, hamsters and palm trees.

Outdoor playgrounds are playgrounds that can be installed in all gardens of building complex and are built with the safety of children in mind.

Afacan Park Contact

To convey all kinds of questions and problems related to Afacan park, you can easily reach them through the website, which is constantly up-to-date and accessible at any time. You can also reach us via other contact numbers on the site. When you visit the website, you can see the quality of the services we provide and you can also view the products where you are guaranteed to be satisfied.

It is a visible fact how much influence gaming and physical activities have on the development of children. Especially when parents are running errands, when they want to spend time in the cinema and when they have some work, it is easy to notice how the children are bored. In such cases, both for parents to take care of their work and activities with peace of mind, and for children to have fun without getting bored during this time; There is a great need for playgrounds such as ninja trails. Ninja trail has become frequently preferred both because it is a safe playground and because it is a nice activity option for children.