Since 2007, AfacanPark has been working on playgroups that have a big impact on children’s age groups and socialization with other children. Our children, who are the guarantee of our future, are successful, healthy and confident individuals with the awareness of how important it is to prepare them, with the ongoing projects we carry out in our country and abroad, AfacanPark has managed to gain a solid place in the sector. Our company, which has been specializing in the installation of turnkey playground for 15 years, has started to make turnkey “playground and café” with a wonderful and brand new café concept that has just started to be implemented in our country and in the world, and continues to meet with franchisee candidates. We are very proud and happy to work together in this project, from the selection of a suitable location to the support of public relations and staff training, from opening training to the menu and work support training for which every detail has been thought by experts in their field. Our children who previously spent their free time playing in gardens or on the street, with the influence of today’s developing technology and changing social structure, they are now spending their time in front of the television, on the computer or phone. AfacanPark offers games where children can perform their daily physical activities in a safe and healthy environment without being bored, Afacan Park Cafe, aims to bring you together with safe and healthy food, which is why Afacan Park has developed the Cafe project, which works according to the principle of “from farm to fork”. In addition to this sedentary life, deterioration of food and change in eating habits, we believe that just exercise is not enough to stay healthy, healthy and safe food eating is also very important. We hope to do a lot of good work together..

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Nowadays, many people want to have their own business. There are several reasons for this. The most important of these is that in big companies, people who work for others are blocked. On the other hand these people who have gained knowledge, experience and business relations over time. They aim to turn the business relations they develop into profits in their favour. For these reasons, people who have their own businesses contribute to the country’s economy and society by starting small businesses in the first place. This is the first step for future major partnerships.

Entrepreneurship is the feeling of opportunities created by the environment in which we live, to produce dreams from intuitions, to turn dreams into projects, to bring projects to life by producing wealth to facilitate human life. This with your own energy and strength, the capital to which he has access and this can be done with people with whom you have contact. And the smartest way to do that today is through the franchise system.

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The franchise system is known to have originated with General Motor’s in 1888 and Recall, which franchised the pharmaceutical industry in 1902 Then soft drinks companies, automakers, gas stations and various other retail stores began to benefit from the system.

Franchise is a system that contributes to the growth of companies and the expansion of their brands, thus improving entrepreneurship. With this method, the entrepreneur reduces the time and energy he will lose while starting his own business and has more customer potential with the well-known brand of the parent company.

As AfacanPark for the ones who wants to be the hero of their own franchisee, are we happy to have created a concept where they can quickly turn their investments into profit, allow them to enjoy working and make them stand out among many brands in their region.

We provide you with the right location selection and regional protection support, resources and personnel training support, opening trainings, menu and business support trainings, as well as regular branch visits and predicting and taking precautions against possible losses with the sales data monitored, we work every day to keep your investment stable and we offer a project to work on.

Afacan Park Franchise


Afacan Park Franchise


The concept design and projecting of the franchise business to be opened is carried out by our company/ contracted organizations. New décor and concept changes are also determined by our company.


The equipment required for the turnkey service of the enterprise is provided by our company/ contracted organization.


The products in our brand’s portfolio are delivered in certain periods to our franchisees via logistics companies.


Our brand you want to invest in is provided by expert instructors from our franchise business for 1 week given for all departmental officials and employees of the enterprise in the branch where it will be opened. Service and presentation training, as well as safe and administrative training courses are offered. With the opening the training takes practically 1 week.


No branches are given to other franchisee candidates in the district where branches are given. A second branch is only provided to the existing franchisee.


In all our franchisees, checks are carried out with confidential customer and audit team at certain periods in order to ensure the standard of our brand and the correct operation of your business. Continuous improvement and development activities are carried out with the business coaching of regional managers.


  • We are working with Turkish lira.

  • We do not charge a fixed brand price from monthly turnover.

  • We’re getting the franchise royalty fee between the 6th and the 12th months after the franchisee starts making money.

  • Our franchise royalty fee for 2022 is with 50% discount. (250,000TL)

  • You do not have to work with us after the first application and project presentation.

  • Our advertising revenue is fixed throughout the contract.

  • To be one of the first in Turkey with the concept difference and that the concept is a concept that everyone will have to implement in the near future.

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The pre-interview can be done face-to-face or by phone.


After the introductory interview, the candidate franchisee fills in the application and discovery form and starts feasibility and project studies.


The presentation of the project prepared by our team is prepared and presented within 15 days.


The architectural process begins after the know-how fee is provided and the contract is made.


Turnkey delivery for the store is done by AfacanPark under contract or the investor can have it made himself, provided that the project is paid and adheres to the project.


Near the end of the promised construction period, personnel selection is made and training is given by our expert staff.


AfacanPark operations team makes arrangements in accordance with the project and delivers the store to the investor.