Expand Your Indoor Playground Business by Catering to Schools and Organisations


In an increasingly competitive market, diversifying your customer base and expanding the range of services offered at your indoor playground can be key to ensuring long-term success. One strategy worth exploring is catering to schools, clubs, and organisations by hosting field trips, sports events, or team-building activities. In this article, we will delve into the many ways indoor playgrounds can maximise engagement and profitability by appealing to these groups and creating memorable experiences that keep them coming back for more.

Partnering with an experienced and reliable playground equipment manufacturer like Afacanpark is instrumental in achieving this goal. As designers, manufacturers, and builders of world-class indoor playground equipment – including trampoline parks, soft play structures, ninja warrior courses, and toddler areas – Afacanpark can help you craft a unique and engaging play environment that appeals to a variety of groups, ultimately driving increased business and revenue.

1. Offer Tailored Packages and Incentives: Encouraging Group Bookings

Design customised and attractive packages for schools, clubs, and organisations, ensuring they see value in choosing your indoor playground for their events:

  • Group discounts and promotional offers: Develop pricing structures that provide better rates for larger groups, encouraging them to select your venue for their gatherings.
  • Flexible booking options: Offer booking slots outside of your regular operating hours to accommodate school schedules, early morning sports practices, or evening club meetings.
  • Customisable experiences: Allow groups to tailor their play experience by choosing from various activities and optional add-ons, such as catering, educational workshops, or additional team-building activities.

2. Develop Age-Appropriate and Curriculum-Aligned Play Experiences: Attracting Educational Institutions

By offering educational and age-appropriate play experiences that align with school curricula, your indoor playground can attract a wider range of groups, including schools and educational organisations:

  • Curriculum-aligned activities: Collaborate with educational professionals to develop play experiences that support learning objectives and complement subjects like physical education, science, or social skills.
  • Graduated play structures: Work with Afacanpark to design play equipment that caters to different age groups and abilities, ensuring a positive and safe experience for all participating children.
  • Educational workshops: Partner with local community organisations or experts to offer workshops or classes that align with educational goals, further enhancing the appeal of your venue to schools.

3. Cater to Sports Clubs and Fitness Groups: Expanding Your Customer Reach

Attract sports clubs and fitness groups by integrating equipment and activities designed to promote physical activity, skill-building, and competition:

  • Fitness-oriented equipment: Collaborate with Afacanpark to incorporate fitness-focused equipment like ninja warrior courses, trampoline parks, or climbing walls into your venue.
  • Specialised sports facilities: Offer age-appropriate sports facilities, such as mini football pitches or basketball courts, to facilitate sports club events and friendly competitions.
  • Coaching and personal training: Partner with local sports coaches or fitness trainers to provide coaching sessions or fitness classes exclusively for visiting clubs or groups.

4. Create a Comfortable and Efficient Environment for Group Visits: Streamlining the Group Experience

Ensuring your facility can accommodate the logistics of group visits while maintaining a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere is essential for attracting and retaining a diverse customer base:

  • Efficient and organised check-in: Implement a streamlined check-in system that can quickly process group arrivals, minimising waiting times and ensuring a smooth start to their visit.
  • Availability of storage solutions: Provide locker facilities or designated storage areas for groups to safely store their belongings during their time at your indoor playground.
  • Dedicated areas for group gatherings: Set aside separate areas within your facility exclusively for group events, presentations, or workshops, providing them with a sense of privacy and security while they engage in their activities.

Incorporate Themed Events and Seasonal Activities: Enhancing Engagement

Themed events and seasonal activities can significantly boost the attractiveness of your indoor playground to various groups, creating unique and memorable experiences that encourage repeat visits:

  • Seasonal celebrations: Host special events during holidays like Halloween, Christmas, or Easter, featuring themed decorations, activities, and performances. This not only attracts groups looking for festive experiences but also provides an opportunity for additional revenue through event-specific merchandise and catering.
  • Themed birthday parties: Design exclusive party packages with popular themes such as superheroes, princesses, or space adventures. Partnering with local entertainers or costume companies can add a unique touch, making your indoor playground the go-to destination for themed birthday celebrations.
  • Special event days: Organise regular themed days such as “Pirate Adventure Day” or “Science Exploration Day,” where children can engage in activities and games centred around a specific theme. Collaborate with local artists, educators, or performers to enhance these events and attract larger groups.

Implement Advanced Safety and Hygiene Protocols: Building Trust and Confidence

Safety and hygiene are paramount in attracting schools, clubs, and organisations to your indoor playground. Ensuring that your facility adheres to the highest standards will build trust and confidence among group organisers and parents:

  • Regular cleaning schedules: Establish and maintain rigorous cleaning routines, particularly for high-touch surfaces and play equipment. Using child-safe, non-toxic cleaning products ensures the safety and well-being of all visitors.
  • Certified staff training: Ensure all staff members are trained in first aid, emergency procedures, and child supervision. This includes regular refreshers and certifications to maintain a high standard of care and safety.
  • Health and safety certifications: Obtain relevant health and safety certifications from recognised bodies, showcasing your commitment to maintaining a secure environment. Display these certifications prominently within your facility and on your website to reassure potential customers.


By targeting and catering to schools, clubs, and organisations, indoor playgrounds can maximise engagement and profitability, attract a diverse range of customers, and create memorable experiences that encourage repeat business. Offering tailored packages, developing age-appropriate and curriculum-aligned play experiences, and creating a comfortable and efficient environment for group visits are all essential strategies in this process.
Partner with Afacanpark, an industry-leading indoor play area supplier, to ensure that your venue stands out in the competitive market and is poised for continued growth and success. Implementing these strategies with the help of Afacanpark’s expertise will allow you to expand your customer base, increase revenue, and solidify your status as an appealing and versatile choice for schools, clubs, and organisations.