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Optimise Space Utilisation for Soft Play Areas in Restaurants and Cafes

Introduction: Creating a fun and safe environment for children is the key to attracting families to your restaurant or cafe. One way to do this is by incorporating a soft play area, which can provide an enjoyable space for children to explore and ensure parents can relax without constantly worrying about their little ones. However, […]

Toodler Area

Our Products Indoor Playgrounds Ninja Trail Trampolines Mini Playgrounds Sandboxes Interactive Toys Groups Moving Electronic Playgroups Outdoor Playgrounds Spare Parts & Accessories Our Toddler Area: The Last Word of Mini-Sized Entertainment Introduction When it comes to providing a safe and enjoyable space for toddlers, our “Yürümeye Başlayan Çocuk Alanı” (Toddler Play Area) takes the lead. […]

Softplay Playground Prices

Play activities, which are of great importance for the psychological and mental development of babies and children, touch on many important points such as responsibility, creative thinking, collaboration, sharing, self-awareness, attention, focus, organizing, social role, expressing emotions, problem solving, understanding and learning healthy precepts, and the ability to express oral expression. In infants, there are […]

What is Soft Play?

Soft play is a game that is preferred in public and large places such as shopping malls, hotels, airports.. Soft play playgrounds, which are produced to ensure that children of all ages have a fun time comfortably and safely, can be easily used not only indoors, but also at fairs and all kinds of outdoor […]

Turkey Playground Manufacturer

Discover Swingsets and More from a Game Group Manufacturer in Turkey Playgrounds are much more than swing sets. Maybe you want to offer swings, Afacanpark will show you what the real possibilities are. This way you can have the playground that all children dream of. As a playground manufacturer in Turkey, we have the privilege […]

About Trampoline Parks

How To Take Trampoline Parks To The Next Level It is important that children have a space where they can play. When they can get some of their energy out safely and excitingly, you know you’re successful. At Afacanpark we have the experience of creating trampoline parks and ball pits for children, which are really […]

What are the reasons to have trampoline in ground?

What is Trampoline in Ground? Even, we know the trampoline as equipment that has its own footed structure elevated from the ground in order to jump higher, it has another type as a trampoline in the ground. The ground where the trampoline settle has a deep-digged void on the ground for jumping. The trampoline in […]

Usage areas of garden playsets

What is Garden Playsets? Garden playsets there are many popular types of. For garden toys ideas; play table and chair, wooden sandpits, teeter totter, swing sets, slide, portable football goalpost,s or portable basketball hoops can be given as examples. The dimensions are variable related to age group. Garden playsets for toddlers are medium-sized generally while […]

How to Make Indoor Kids Play Areas Safer in House?

Regardless of how the technology developed, playing games is one of the most important way to spend time for our children. There are many types that give support the development of the children’s musculoskeletal system when they are on growing period. In addition to the musculoskeletal system, games are essential for improving their mental growth. […]

How to lose weight with indoor bounce trampoline?

Benefits of Bounce Trampoline In modern days, the number of obesity increases. Unhealthy nutrition habits and a sedentary lifestyle generate various illnesses. Over-weightiness not only affect our appearance but also harms our health. The increase of this unhealthy fat and body weight ruins the metabolic system, so the body functions are not able to work […]